Group Runs

Scheduled Group Runs
Runs are officially suspended due to Covid-19

Saturday Morning Group

Open to all, the running group meets each Saturday at Paulmac’s Pets parking lot (next to Tim Horton’s) on Parkedale Ave usually at 8:00am, but others set out earlier if on a longer training run in preparation for a half or full marathon.

Length of the run depends on the makeup of the group on any particular Saturday morning. After the run, the group enjoys a relaxing coffee at Timmie’s. See you Saturday. 

A typical post-run coffee at Timmies on Parkedale. Very welcome especially after a cold winter run.


Note: Tim Hortons and Bobolis are currently operating under Covid restrictions


The Boboli Belter

Affectionately known as the The Retirees Ramble and other less flattering names, these runs begin at 8am from the Boboli restaurant on King St (next to the Dollar Store). Typically happen on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

The run 8K approx. in length, generally heads south to Blockhouse and then follows the boardwalk to the waterfront path around Hardy Park, to John, Hartley, to the Brock Trail to Perth, to First Ave to Ormond, along by the train tracks to the north entrance to the railway tunnel, through the tunnel  and back to Blockhouse.

A post-run coffee and toast is then enjoyed at Boboli’s with a discussion on world problems and other pressing topics. Scatter to perform our daily chores, strenuous or otherwise, at 10am.

Open to all, so come out on those vacation and other days off.

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